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The School Run - Very enjoyable, easy to read and actually very gripping. There were parts in there that I didn't expect but the story was all the better for them. At first, it was hard to keep track of all the character's names, however, their individual traits soon made it easy to identify them and keep track of them.

I have always enjoyed novels which intertwine people's lives, I find them pretty fascinating and this was a good version of such a story. I think I loved Harriet the most, she seemed so warm and vulnerable, yet also extremely strong when she realised what to do. Also found a lot of common ground with Kitty as I too work in a high school, the dialogue in her scenes made me giggle at the familiarity (apart from the end!)

All in all, a recommended read, especially as I only paid 90p for it on Kindle. I don't think it's gone up that much in price anyway!