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Monday to Friday Man - Alice Peterson My to-read pile is far too big to waste time on this.

I got to page 74 and I couldn't read anymore! I was after a light, easy read after reading a few heavy going books and found this on my Kindle - shouldn't have bothered.

*I apologise in advance, but I needed to get this rant out!*

For starters, Gilly is SO shallow, self-obsessed, irritating and just a very unlikeable character. I didn't care about her at all. In the first few pages she moans about having to take a packed lunch into work instead of eating out to save cash, yet she somehow manages to go out 'every weekened' with her best friend, and then describes how she goes out for meals and orders-in a lot. What?! She's earning just above minimum wage after losing her last job, yet she still manages all this and the mortgage on her 2 bed HOUSE in London. No, no, no, no.

The characters seem so two-dimensional, they're so under-developed. When the reader meets the dog walking club for the first time, the scene is a disaster. The writer can't seem to settle on how to write the scene so then proceeds to describe random parts of each character and then place the sentences in places that make no sense.

I think the worst thing for me was when Gilly had to stifle a laugh at the poor old man who was after something in the shop. Who does she think she is? All I could picture was some helpless man and a snotty, rude sales assistant. I wanted to reach into the book and help him myself and then slap Gilly in the face.

ALSO, what the hell is the Dorset thing about? If the author was going there, it really needed to be developed further or just cut it out altogether. Not have Gilly suddenly come back and then state that 'I'm not good at doing anything spontaneously. I err on the cautious side'. Really!?

Just so much of the book didn't make sense. So choppy. She obviously likes Guy and they have a cute moment on the zebra crossing where they decide to go for a drink but you hear nothing of it. The next paragraph she's sat at her Dad's kitchen table, which is by Regent's Park didn't you know? Oh, I'm sure you told us that already! Couple of pages later and Guy is someone she tells everything to, including things she never told her ex-fiance (and is it just me, or does she not seem that upset about that!?).

The exact moment I stopped was when she randomly bumps into Rita, the ex-mayor who feeds squirrels (?!) who tells Guy to stop being a potty mouth. Too random.

There were so many other things, but I think it's quite obvious that it annoyed me! A book has never frustrated me more. I hate not finishing books, I usually carry on even when I don't like it, but I hated this passionately, it was too much to handle!