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Glass Houses  - Rachel Caine OK, I went into this expecting to be bored (vampires just aren't my thing unless it's Bill Compton whispering 'Sooooookie' - and definitely the TV version only!) but I actually adored it. I've read a lot of the reviews and I see where a lot of people are coming from, but I just felt a lot of love for this. I was completely drawn into the world of Morganville from the very start and read the book in more or less one sitting. In fact, I even passed up watching Pitch Perfect for my second ever time to read this (well, I may have sneaked into the lounge a couple of times…)

For me, it was the drama I think. There was always something happening to put me right on the edge of my seat turning the pages like a maniac. I haven't read a book like that in so long, even when I love a book I can quite often leave it for a few hours and come back later. This just wasn't an option for me with this book! I'm actually annoyed with myself that I didn't find it sooner and it actually took one of my students begging her mum to let me borrow it and then thrusting it into my hands and not letting me say no. Her perseverance is my massive gain.

Character wise, I loved Claire and her friends. The fact that she was only 16 was portrayed well as although she showed a lot of strength, she was also still very naive and often thoughtless to her own danger in the way 16 year olds often are (well, I was anyway!). I don't want to reveal too much about Michael, Shane and Eve just because their development through the book was a fantastic journey for me and I set off on it not knowing anything about them either.

Caine's writing was also a very pleasant surprise. I've read too many YA novels where the writing comes off preachy and dumbed-down, but her writing was full of such humour, drama and warmth that I didn’t find it patronising at all.

Overall, a completely entertaining, fast-paced novel that I literally cannot stop grinning about or thinking about. It doesn't really get much better than that!